Class Fox::FXDialogBox
In: rdoc-sources/FXDialogBox.rb
Parent: FXTopWindow

Dialog box window.

When a dialog box receives a SEL_COMMAND message with identifier ID_CANCEL or ID_ACCEPT, the dialog box breaks out of the modal loop and returns a completion code of either 0 or 1, respectively.

To close a dialog box when it‘s not running modally, simply call FXDialogBox#hide (or send it the ID_HIDE command message).

Message identifiers

ID_CANCEL:Close the dialog, cancel the entry
ID_ACCEPT:Close the dialog, accept the entry


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Public Class methods

Construct an empty dialog box. If the owner is an FXWindow instance, the dialog will always float over that window. If the owner is an FXApp instance, it will be a free-floating dialog.

Public Instance methods

Run a modal invocation of the dialog, with specified initial placement.