Adding a tool tip

To wrap up this introduction, we'd like to add a few finishing touches to the program. The first addition is to add a tool tip to the button, such that when the mouse cursor hovers over the button for a short while, it will pop up a little message describing what the button does:

require 'fox16'

include Fox

theApp =

theMainWindow =, "Hello")

theButton =, "Hello, World!")
theButton.tipText = "Push Me!"
theButton.connect(SEL_COMMAND) { exit }


There are two changes involved here. The first is to set the tool tip text for the button using the tipText accessor, and for this example we're setting the button's tip text to "Push Me!". The second change is to create the (single) FXToolTip instance for the application. Although this program shows the FXToolTip instance being created after the FXButton, it doesn't really matter when you do it. You just want to have instantiated the FXToolTip before you drop into the main event loop by calling FXApp#run. If you run this version and hover over the button for a second or so, you should see the tooltip pop up: