Appendix E. Implementation

Table of Contents

Code Generation
Object Life Cycles and Garbage Collection
GL Objects
Virtual Functions

Code Generation

The development and maintenance of FXRuby would be almost impossible without the help of Dave Beazley's excellent SWIG. The complete set of SWIG interface files used to generate FXRuby is included in the standard FXRuby source code distribution, and if you'd like you can even regenerate the FXRuby sources using SWIG. Because FXRuby relies on functionality in a specific version of SWIG (version 1.3.22), you will need to download and install SWIG-1.3.22. Note that more recent versions of SWIG will not work (this will be corrected in the future).

To regenerate the FXRuby sources from the SWIG interface files, change directories to the swig-interfaces subdirectory of the FXRuby source tree and type make . Any time that you make a change to the SWIG interface files, you'll need to repeat this step to update the C++ sources.